Wave Glider

Wave Glider

Wave Glider diagram from Liquid Robotics

Wave Glider is a self sufficient robot that can be used to monitor the ocean.  Made by Liquid Robotics, the robot has 2 main parts.  One part floats on the surface of the ocean and the second part is attached and floats underwater. The floating part is Float: 208 cm x 60 cm while the glider part is 40 cm x 191 cm with a wingspan of 191 cm.

Recently Liquid Robotics raised it’s first round of funding, getting a $22 million investment, partially from VantagePoint Capital Partners.

The Wave Glider uses a combination of solar panels and wave motion to move forward.  The robot uses no fuel, but has made long voyages over 2,500 miles. The robot can also transmit real time signals via satellite ans is capable of carrying various payloads and sensors. Waypoints can be programmed as a course for the robot to follow and it’s progress can be monitored online.

Watch the Wave Glider in action after the break.

Link via (GigaOm)

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