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Building a Robot Videos
0 Comments Published July 2nd, 2007 in Robot News
Smart Flix
For those of you who don’t know about SmartFlix already, SmartFlix is a cool website that rents how to videos. For example, they have a great collection of welding and basic electronics videos that would be good for any robot builder. I will be checking out Basic Electronics Part 1 to brush up on my basic electronics skills. Many of these videos would be helpful to us robot builders, but SmartFlix is looking to specifically beef up their collection of robot related offerings and has asked for our help.
If any readers out there know of any how to build a robot type videos that Smartflix should offer, please drop us a line here or contact SmartFlix directly here. In the mean time, be sure to check out SmartFlix and thanks for your suggestions.

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0 Comments Published June 30th, 2007 in Robot News, Science, Military
AirRobotAirRobot by the German company AirRobot GmbH & Co.KG uses four brushless, gearless silent electric motors spun at 2000 rpm to power this amazing robot. AirRobot can come with several options such as, a color camera, night vision camera or a thermal camera. It weighs less than 1kg, is less than 1 meter in diameter and can fly for up to 20 minutes. The robot also has the ability to land autonomously if battery level is low or it loses the radio signal. Models cost $36,000 to $52,000. In the companies video entitled Radiation it did not sound very silent, but did look impressive an another video as it hovered directly in front of someone. Yet another great robot for spying and peeping. Let’s hope this one stays within the military as well. This robot was recently tested with other robots at Disaster City in Texas. See our other post about another robot tested at Disaster City, the Gravity Defying Robot . Also see our previous post about the Hummingbird.
Link via (CNET)
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Weekly Roundup – RoboCop Lives
0 Comments Published June 29th, 2007 in Robot News, Weekly Roundup, Military
Robocop StickerRobocop can soon live on thanks to iRobot forming a partnership with Taser International. In Chicago on July 9- 10, the two companies will demonstrate the new model.
“I could see rent-a-cop companies wanting to buy it, I can see corrections departments wanting to buy it, because it might be seen as a cost-effective alternative to having a human guard patrolling a perimeter,” John Pike, head of, said. Link via (The State)

Up next this week are Blubber Bots. Helium filled balloons that you interact with by making a phone call. They also have a speaker and can “sing”. Link via (Make)

The third item this week is a new zoo that opened in Portugal. That’s right, a robot zoo! In this small enclosure there are two main types of robots, small solar powered robots on the ground and larger robots powered by electricity. Unfortunately, after the zoo opened, the large robots couldn’t see the smaller robots and accidentaliy cut off some of their tails. This made the smaller robots stop moving or or working altogether. The larger robots essentially killed some of the smaller robots. Link

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Robot Defies Gravity
1 Comment Published June 27th, 2007 in Military
VMRP Gravity Defying RobotThe VMRP robot climbs walls and ceilings, taking eavesdropping to a new level. Using vortex or “tornado in a cup” technology, this little robot can easily climb and hang onto a variety of surfaces such as glass, marble, concrete and ceiling tiles. To help the robot accomplish this feat, it’s creaters, Vortex HC, have made it 6.5 ” long x 8.5″ wide and weigh only 1.87 lbs. Depending on it’s mission, it will go for 20 to 40 minutes. A six wheeled posi-traction drive-train helps it transition from ground to wall.This tiny bot has several optional attachments including cameras, boom arms and pan tilt units. As far as we can tell, this is one amazing, gravity defying mobile video camera.
VMRP was recently put through it’s paces at Disaster City. This 52 acre facility is affiliated with Texas A&M University. Sponsored in part by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), the week long simulations were meant to evaluate robots and come up with standards for evaluating robots. We can only hope this technology stays in our military and doesn’t end up in the hands of peeping toms. Check out the video of the robot climbing a Days Inn and peering over the roof. No word on a release date or if it will be available to the public.

Link via (CNET)

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Robot Tattoos and Tattoo Robots
0 Comments Published June 25th, 2007 in Robot News
Maria TattooReader Eric sent in a photo of his awesome tattoo. He says, “It’s based on a combination of two classic Metropolis images (one from the Kino DVD cover art, and the other from an art deco movie poster print). The tattoo was done by an artist named Chris Koutsis at Da Vinci tattoo in Bellmore , New York.” We decided to put together a gallery of robot tattoos. Click here for the gallery. We also have discovered a tattoo robot. Kurt the tattoo robot features 4 needles and Chinese ink. Anyone with a robot tattoo is invited to submit pics to add to the gallery here.
Thanks Eric!

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