Root Robotics Teaches Coding

Root RobotRoot Robotics is taking pre orders for Root, a hexagonal robot that teaches coding.

Root has many cool features like being able to climb walls, respond to it’s environment, even draw and erase on a whiteboard.

This is all thanks to 32 color sensors, 2 light sensors, 1 gyroscope, 1 accelerometer, 2 bumpers amongst other features.

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BionicANTs From FESTO


FESTO has created the bionicANTs or robotic ants.  While not new, we somehow did not write about them when they came out.

The ants works like real ants and can communicate and cooperate with one another.

Using piezo technology, the ants have about a 40 minute run time with 2 7.2v rechargeable batteries.

The ants can also use their antenna to recharge their batteries from a live rail.

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Sally The Salad Robot From Chowbotics

Sally The Salad Robot

Sally is also a restaurant employee who is never late, does not call in sick and cheerfully keeps your salad ingredients at the proper temperature.

Sally only takes up 30″ x 30 ” and produces yummy salads.

Utilizing a touch screen and up to 21 different ingredients, Sally dispenses the salads on demand.

Sally is the new friendlier hygienic salad bar built for the 21st century.


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Posted in Food, Robot News | Tagged | Leave a comment One One is an open source robot for the whole family currently on Indiegogo from Thecorpora Robotic Company. One has a variety of sensors that allow it to see, hear, speak and do facial recognition.

Based on the Raspberry Pi 3 microcontroller, One can be programmed in a variety of languages including Python, Scratch, C, C++, PHP and Javascript.

A fully assembled One will cost you $499, but there are cheaper developer kits available.  Delivery is slated for December of 2017.

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Bosch Launches Plantect

Bosch PlantectBosch Corporation, a subsidiary of Bosch Group is launching into the agricultural sector with the arrival of Plantect.
Using sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, sunlight, and carbon dioxide in a greenhouse, the Plantect system then transfers the data to the cloud where some magic AI happens.  Part of the AI is used for predicting plant diseases based on sensor data and other research.

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