Kuri, Your Home Robot

KuriMayfield Robotics, the makers of Kuri, are an offshoot of Bosch. They have just announced Kuri is now available for pre order for $699 and should ship by the end of the year.

Kuri learns the layout of your home as it follows you around.  Kuri can recognize you, play music, tell stories and take photos and video.

Kuri comes with a docking station and recharges itself as needed.

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DobotDobot is a robotic arm currently up on Kickstarter.  While this doesn’t sound like much at first, keep in mind that Dobot can 3D print, laser engrave, solder as well as move objects around quickly.

There is also a mobility platform available to allow it to move around your space.

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WASEDA University’s Rubble Walking Robot

WAREC-1WASEDA University in Tokyo Japan has unveiled a 4 legged robot called WAREC-1.

The robot is able to climb over rubble to assist in search and rescue operations.

Sporting four limbs with seven degrees of freedom each, WAREC-1 weighs 150 kg und is able to move around by creeping forward on it’s stomach.  The WAREC-1 can also walk on two legs and climb ladders.

Eventually the researchers hope to replace the hooks on it with arms so it can also perform tasks with tools.

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Helsinki Embraces Driverless Buses


Photo from SOHJOA.

In Finland a driver is not legally required in a vehicle.  This fact has helped pave the way for a project in Helsinki called Sohjoa.  The goal of this project is to reduce private cars in Helsinki  and their emissions.

To accomplish part of the goal, Helsinki is testing driverless buses.  The buses are “taught” a particular route by having someone drive them on the route they need to go on.

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Kobi, Your Grass, Leaf and Snow Robot


(Photo/The Kobi Company)

The Kobi Company has introduced Kobi, your all purpose yard care robot. Kobi comes with three attachments for grass, leaves and snow.

Fully autonomous and controlled by your cell phone, Kobi also come with a docking station where it recharges all by itself.

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