Bosch Launches Plantect

Bosch PlantectBosch Corporation, a subsidiary of Bosch Group is launching into the agricultural sector with the arrival of Plantect.
Using sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, sunlight, and carbon dioxide in a greenhouse, the Plantect system then transfers the data to the cloud where some magic AI happens.  Part of the AI is used for predicting plant diseases based on sensor data and other research.

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Miimo From Honda

Miimo From HondaMiimo is another lawn mowing robot, this time from Honda.  Honda is offering two models, the  HRM 310 model, and the  HRM 520 model.

HRM 310 can mow up to .37 acres and the HRM 520 can mow up to .75 acres at a time before needing a recharge.

You can choose from random, directional or mixed cutting modes.  Miimo stays on your lawn thanks to a perimeter wire you install.  Starting at $2,499, the Miimo is on sale in the US as of June 2017.

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Dubai’s Robocop

Dubai now has a real robocop.

Over the next 13 years, Dubai plans on making 25% of it’s police force robots.

Five feet five inches tall, the robot rolls around on wheels and currently only patrol a conference and expo center.

The robots come equipped with a tablet and cameras that can read facial expressions.

No word yet if it can actually arrest criminals or has any weapons.

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DIY Robots Need Connections

ABC Basic ConnectionsNeed to know how to connect setup an H-Bridge to control your motors?  Or maybe you need an LCD screen on top of your robot? The book ABC Basic Connections has got you covered.

Currently on Kickstarter is the amazing book called ABC: Basic Connections – The Essential Book for Makers from PighiXXX.  We have an earlier smaller version of the book and it is a handy reference guide.

Over 200 pages of high quality circuit diagrams and pinouts in easy to understand illustrations. The book is a ring binder so pages can be removed if needed to photocopy or look at more closely.

This book is definitely a step up from the maze of wires you can get with a Fritzing diagram. There will also be a free online component available to backers of the book.

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Tertill: A Weed Whacking Roomba For Your Garden

Tertill RobotMassachusetts based Franklin robotics has created a weed killing robot named Tertill.

The robot has solar panel on top and uses a weed whacker on the bottom to remove the tiny weeds.  No need to plug it or recharge it.

Tetrill avoids taller plants and uses  proprietary algorithms to find as many weeds as it can in your garden.

Now we are one step closer to preventing the weeds from taking over.

No word on when Tertill will be available for the public.

Update 5/26 – Tertill will become available on Kickstarter on Tuesday, June 13th.

Here is the link – Kickstarter.

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