Cobalt Robotics

Cobalt RoboticsCobalt Robotics has unveiled it’s new security robot.  Each robot has over 60 sensors including  360º day-night cameras, thermal cameras, point cloud cameras, laser scanners, a directional microphone array, long-range RFID, a badge reader, and environmental sensors including carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

A fleet of Cobalt robots is comparable to an extremely competent guard with superhuman capabilities and omnipresent situational awareness across an entire organization.

said Cobalt CEO and co-founder Travis Deyle in a statement. See the video below.


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MeArm Pi – A Robot Arm Anyone Can Build

MeArm PiThanks to 788 backers as of this writing, MeArm Pi has been completely funded on Kickstarter with only  a few days left in the campaign.

MeArm Pi is a programmable robot arm made by Mime Industries specifically for the Raspberry Pi microcontroller.

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LadybirdIn Australia, the University of Sydney has been working on a solar powered farming robot named Ladybird for several years.

One of Ladybirds chief creators, Professor Salah Sukkarieh states:

Ladybird focuses on broad acre agriculture and is solar-electric powered. It has an array of sensors for detecting vegetable growth and pest species, either plant or animal.

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Intuition Robotics Raises $6 Million

ElliQIntuition Robotics is a Jerusalem based company that make a robot called ElliQ and has just raised $6 million from iRobot and OurCrowd.

The robot is an assistant for elderly people that Intuition Robotics says is an  “autonomous active aging companion”.

The company now plans to open an office in San Fransisco and start testing ElliQ on senior citizens.

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Cassie, A Bipedal Robot

CassieCassie is a bipedal robot made by Agility Robotics in Oregon.

Unveiling Cassie on 2/8 at Oregon State, Agility Robotics demonstrated Cassie on stage.

Cassie weighs about 60 lbs and can be folded up and put in the back of your car.  No word on cost yet but Agility Robotics stated on Twitter:

Cassie is not just a demo. Q2 production run is sold out, available for your application early Q3. Made in Oregon, USA.

See the reveal below in a video from Oregon State’s Twitter feed.

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